Our Founders



Sohaib Syed - President


Sohaib Syed is a highly trained and professional business developer with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia State University. He began his career in the wireless industry in 2009. Through hardwork, he successfully grew within the company roles, becoming an expert in corporate policies, store guest readiness, and unparallel customer loyalty through delivering an extraordinary customer experience. He later followed his ambition and opened S&S Infinite Mobile with Amjad Ali.


Amjad Ali - Executive Director


Amjad Ali is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration focused in Business Administration and Management from Georgia State University. He began his career in the wireless industry in 2002. He quickly grew through various roles, becoming an excellent coach in negotiation, sales, team building, and management. Amjad Ali left his last position as the Vice President of Sales & Operations to join and grow S&S Infinite Mobile with Sohaib Syed.

About Us


S&S Infinite Mobile Inc. is a franchise dealer of Cricket Wireless and was originally founded in Atlanta, GA with two locations. Through dedication and hard work, the company continued its growth initially in Georgia and eventually branched out to neighboring states.

S&S Infinite Mobile is one of the largest authorized retailer for Cricket Wireless, operating nationwide with over 60 locations in various states, including Arkansas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Philadelphia, and Rhode Island. It continues to grow its footprint in rural areas, giving customers a valuable product with exceptional financial value. Our goal is to provide the best wireless care for our customers and satisfy all their needs. 

Our headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA.